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Polished Steel Finish

No hidden blemishes, Blemishes attract heat and that creates hot spots on the bar and that ultimately shortens the useful life of the bar. Other manufacturers paint their bars to hide the blemishes in the steel. Why? Because blemishes attract heat and that creates hot spots on the bar and that ultimately shortens the useful life of the bar.

Superior Rail Hardness

The rail edges are hardened more than the body of the bar which significantly reduces rail wear


The body of the bar is hardened less than the rails to allow for flexibility when crimped, extending the useful life of the bar

Lower Weight

Reduces required energy to carry the saw during the day thereby reducing fatigue during the day and encouraging increased production

Smaller Nose Curve

Significantly reduces the amount of burring that is developed in the bar channels. Reducing the amount of maintenance time required to keep the bar operating efficiently.

All Sugihara bars are free of defects in its metal which sets it apart when measured against other bars.

Handling a lighter weight bar conserves energy which can be used to create greater production each day.

For every Sugihara purchase, you will purchase two to four other brands of bars. This puts money in your pocket, reduces the need to travel to the dealer to buy another bar and reduces downtime on the job by eliminating the need to stop producing to change bars because the other brand you are using has worn out prematurely.

If you depend on a chainsaw to make a living, you have established certain quality standards of products that you purchase so you can be as productive and efficient as possible. When you look at what you want from your guide bar, check out the Sugihara bar and determine for yourself that it meets and exceeds your own standards of performance. Sugihara bars will keep you running at peak performance.

The lighter weight of the bar requires less energy to produce greater output over time, creating additional income with less effort.

To match the useful life of a Sugihara bar, the user will purchase two to four additional bars of other brands during the same period of time. Over the lifetime of a single Sugihara bar, the user is saving the cost of purchasing additional bars, the cost of time to procure the additional bars and the cost of downtime on the job to change out bars. It also saves the cost in time by reducing the amount of maintenance, whether on or off the job.

As a professional who supports a family financially and is also raising children, the long term value of the Sugihara bar is realized through a reduction in costs while helping reach maximum production and at the same time reducing maintenance, creating time for family and recreation.

Sugihara Wood Carving Bars

The best bar for wood carving recommended
by World Class Chainsaw Carving Champion, Chris Foltz

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